Happy Birthday!

There are some moments in life that you never forget. When you fall in love, when you pass that really tough exam, when you land your dream job, and when you first met your best friend.  University is a time of exploration and growth. You learn so much and meet the most extraordinary people. My memories of York University are strung together by snapshots of fun, friends and not so mention-able moments.

When I say friends, I mean my handful of besties.  People who I met when I was a fraction of the person I am today. People who loved me way before I loved myself. One of these incredible people, Daniela.  A bright star in the dismal sky (my stelli);  Daniela is truly one of the most amazing humans you will ever get the pleasure of meeting. Selfless, generous, multi-talented, compassionate and strong. There is nobody I trust more than her – as a friend, business partner, and sister.  She truly is apart of my family. Today, we celebrate her life! We thank her for all she does and all she gives to each of our lives.

Happy Birthday!

Love you, Stelli


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