Hello, Mr. Gatsby!

This week I’ve rekindled my love affair with F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the ever mysterious Mr. Gatsby. In grade nine we read it as a class, and since that day I’ve been intrigued by the complexity  of this incredible story.  Full of richness, tragedy, idealism and irony; all set against the backdrop of the roaring twenties. The novel was brought to the big screen in the seventies, with Redford and Farrow as stars; but this year’s  Baz Luhrmann masterpiece is generating tremendous hype. Leo Di Caprio as Gatsby should be enough reason for anyone to check it out!

All this Gatsby buzz has trickled into our line of work! We first saw influences at the beginning of bridal show season, with big nods to Art Deco and everything grand and glamorous.  Black and gold accents, jewels, soft silhouettes and all around decadence.

In honour of this week’s release, we’ve put together a little inspiration board with some Gatsby flare. If the story isn’t your cup of tea, at least check out the movie for the fashion and artistic inspiration (not to mention the killer soundtrack!). As for myself, I’ve got a date this weekend with Leo!





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