Plus One | Wedding Etiquette

With the rules of wedding etiquette evolving with each passing year, couples are facing serious dilemmas as they approach their nuptials. One issue most couples seem to be toying with – the plus one.



It’s obvious that anyone married, engaged or in a long-term relationship get a plus one. Typically, this rule also applies to singles who won’t have any friends attending the wedding. Nobody wants to sit alone with strangers. It makes your guest uncomfortable, and likely to reply with a “regretfully decline” to your reception. According to traditional wedding etiquette experts, you are not obligated to include a plus one for single friends who will be amongst family and other friends.

Recently, at the oh so simple Kimye wedding, it was reported Brody Jenner (brother to the bride) did not attend his step sisters nuptials because his invitation did not include the option of bringing a guest. Truth be told, it may be a deterrent for guests should they not get their plus one.

Common courtesy suggests you give guests the option and address their invitation with a simple ” & Guest”. Should they be dating someone, and they feel inclined to bring them – wonderful! Clearly that person is special enough to bring to an event as special as your wedding.

Ultimately, it’s up to the bride and groom. Nonetheless, keep your guests in mind.


a & d


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